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Structural Inspections

The New York City Buildings Department carefully specifies materials, application standards, and safety requirements of a building’s structural components.

Structural inspections include wood and steel construction and fabrication process, its welding, structural safety, and erection. Masonry is inspected according to the building classification. Concrete construction must be inspected according to code. High strength bolts, nuts, and washers are monitored and periodically inspected. High-pressure steam piping and its welding process are inspected. Site preparation, soils, underpinning, and pier foundations are inspected according to code.


Special Inspections (TR1)

  • Structural Steel – Welding
  • Structural Steel – High Strength Bolting
  • Structural Cold – Formed Steel
  • Concrete – Cast-in-Place
  • Masonry
  • Wood – Installation of High Load Diaphragms
  • Wood – Installation of Metal-Plate-Connected Trusses
  • Wood- Installation of Prefabricated I-Joists
  • Structural Stability – Existing Buildings
  • Structural Steel - Details
  • Post-Installed Anchors
  • Preliminary
  • Footing and Foundation
  • Lowest Floor Elevation
  • Frame Inspection



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